Lab investigations on transport

1. Heart dissection
2. Heart rate
Research question: How does sitting, standing and running in place affect the heart rate?

Method: Prepare a table for recording the following data collection:
Measure the heartbeat per minute of a partner, by taking the pulse for 30 sec (x 2), after the partner has been sitting for two minutes. Repeat for a number of 3 trials to determine uncertainty. Average (mean) showing uncertainty which may be due to your reaction time (usually .5 sec). Also, there is an uncertainty in the clock itself (last number in a digital clock +/- 1 of this last number)
Repeat the above after 2 minutes of standing and then after 2 minutes of running in place.
Data Collection: Record in table format. Make sure your data has correct units and that the table has a descriptive title.
Conclusion: Answer the aim
Research the way in which the heartbeat is controlled and use this research to discuss your conclusion. The discussion should argue how the biology supports or does not support your conclusion. The terms blood flow, energy/oxygen, pacemaker, nerves and adrenalin should frame your discussion. Reference your research.